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"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood". Fred Rogers
​3-Year Old Program

The three year old program focuses on play and social skills. Children engage in fun centers such as dramatic play, building and constructing, sensory table, art, and more. Pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills are explored during our daily circle time. The focus of the 3’s program is having fun with peers, learning emotional regulation, and building independence in our friendly and inclusive class.

​4-Year Old Program

The four year old program explores themes at a deeper level, focusing on kindergarten readiness skills. Children build phonological awareness during center and circle time through a variety of literacy activities. Numeracy skills are explored as well during center and calendar time. Along with academic focused learning, the four year old’s also have lots of time to play. Children will learn to collaborate and compromise, try new things, and explore new ideas in our inclusive and friendly class.

​3 & 4-Year Old Enrichment Program

The enrichment class offers unique programing like dance, art, music, and sports for children who are registered in any of our other programs. Children in this supplemental class will enjoy enriching programming delivered in our classroom, by highly qualified professional artists and certified instructors.  The focus of this class will be the specialists and their fantastic programs, complemented by additional preschool programming such as centers, circle time and of course, a snack break. Preschool teachers and professional specialists will collaborate to offer exciting and engaging classes on a rotating basis each week.  This class offers enriching activities in a comfortable and familiar setting. It’s a great way to add some extracurriculars into your already busy week, or one more half day of care  for families seeking more days.

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