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About Us

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Our mission is to provide a safe, positive, warm and nurturing environment that builds a foundation for life-long learning.


Glendale community preschool is a play-based program designed to give children the opportunity to socialize, learn and grow in a fun, engaging, and warm environment. Guided by caring and responsive teachers, children learn emotional regulation while they build important social skills. Engaging play provocations, fun centers and daily circle time are just some of the things we do each day. We also sing songs, read stories, explore art materials, and learn pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills! Located in the middle of a beautiful park, we take full advantage of the outdoor space, regularly exploring and playing outdoors. When weather is unfavourable, we head to our gym space in the community hall to play games and sports, building our physical literacy skills. At Glendale Community Preschool your child will have a positive and fun introduction to school, building a true love for learning.

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